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Countries Starting with B!

Here we go with another geography trivia round! All on countries starting with the letter B. 

  1. How many countries does Bangladesh share a land border with? – Two
  2. What word is used to identify the residents of Burkina Faso? – Burkinabe
  3. What was Belize known as until 1973? – British Honduras
  4. Which popular artist was born as Robyn Fenty in 1988 in Barbados? – Rihanna
  5. The Republic of Benin shares a border with which other African country to the east? – Nigeria
  6. Until 1989, what European country was the world’s second largest exporter of bottled wine? – Bulgaria
  7. In which Brazilian city was F1 driver Ayrton Senna born? – São Paulo
  8. French fries are claimed to have originated in which country? – Belgium
  9. Which ocean does the African country, Burundi, has access to? – None
  10. Minsk is the capital of which European country? – Belarus

Bonus: Which countries does Bangladesh share a land border with? – India and Myanmar (Burma)

Image credit: Graham Dennis


Toys! Trivia Round 1

Just for fun, here is a round on toys!

  1. What century was the model construction system “Meccano” created by Frank Hornby? – 19th century
  2. Before gaining international popularity with its plastic interlocking bricks, what did Lego make? – Wooden toys
  3. What is the general name of the game, “Pogs” that gained worldwide popularity in the mid 1990s? – Milk caps
  4. What popular toy, that is still widely used today, was invented by Arthur K. Melin in 1958? – The Hula Hoop
  5. What movie franchise action figures did Kenner start producing in the 1970s that led to its success and the popularization of the 3.75 inch action figure? – Star Wars
  6. What decade saw the rapid growth in 3D puzzle popularity, largely driven by the Puzz 3D brand? – 1990’s
  7. What year did Funko introduce “Pop! Vinyl” line of figurines? – 2011
  8. What two letters appear on the heart-shaped tag attached to all Beanie Babies? – Ty
  9. What popular toy brand did McDonald’s start offering as a prize with their Happy Meal in 1983? – Hot Wheels
  10. What was actually the “web” in the first Spider-man wrist web-shooter toy introduced in the 1970s? – String

Bonus: What was Lego’s first licensed product? – Wooden Pluto

Image credit: Clker


Countries starting with A!

Alas! Another trivia round! All on countries starting with the letter A. And all intro sentences starting with the letter A!

  1. The names of how many countries start with the letter “A”? – 12
  2. How many countries does Afghanistan border? – 6
  3. Armenia is considered to be part of which continent? – Asia
  4. Which two countries would you find Andorra sandwiched between? – Spain and France
  5. In which country would you find the informally named “The Enver Hoxha Mausoleum” landmark? – Albania
  6. Which famous French civil engineer is rumoured to have designed Angola’s Iron Palace? – Gustave Eiffel
  7. What place does Argentina take on the list of the World’s largest countries by land area? – Eighth
  8. By what name do Germans refer to Austria? – Ӧsterreich
  9. Australia’s capital city, Canberra, is located in which territory? – Australian Capital Territory
  10. Which of Antigua and Barbuda’s islands is the largest by land area? – Antigua

Image credit: Graham Dennis

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