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Q: Which mole-like mammal has given its name to a mean spirited or bad tempered woman?

A: The Shrew

Delving Into Obscurity: 11 Trivia Questions on Strangers in Paradise

“Delving Into Obscurity” was an idea I had a while back for especially hard trivia series. For years I added a random question here and there to the database on obscure topics that interested me, but the random nature of the site managed to mask them. With the blog platform fully launched, I thought it was time to start developing the series. From now on “Delving Into Obscurity” will be a regular blog post series featuring a full trivia round of questions on niche topics that interest me personally. If you have ideas for obscure trivia rounds, don’t hesitate to send them to me. After all, everyone has something unique that they are interested in.

For the first post of the series, I decided to focus on a comic book series that is very dear to me – “Strangers in Paradise”. This Terry Moore series has been one of my favorite comic book series for many years, and was the first series that got me hooked on comics that had nothing to do with superheroes. In fact, shortly after I started reading “Strangers in Paradise”, I almost entirely quit superhero comic books. It is that good. So, without much further ado, enjoy this first “Strangers in Paradise” trivia round, as well as the first “Delving Into Obscurity” blog post.

  1. Who created the comic book series “Strangers in Paradise”? – Terry Moore
  2. Not including spin-offs or tie-ins, how many issues were released as part of the original series that ended in 2007? – 90
  3. Despite being referred to as Francine throughout the comic book series, what is this character’s real first name? – Helen
  4. During a high school play, what item of clothing does Francine struggle to keep on? – Her toga
  5. What is Katchoo’s full name? – Katina Marie Choovanski
  6. Where did David and Katchoo first meet? – In a museum
  7. Early on in the comic book series, what type of car does Freddie brag about driving? – A Porsche
  8. Shortly after meeting David, which North American city did Katchoo disappear to for 2 months? – Toronto
  9. What are the nicknames of the twin sisters who work as enforcers for Darcy Parker? – Tambi and Bambi
  10. Following his split with Francine, who does Freddie Femur marry? – Casey Bullocks

Tie-breaker: Including spin-offs and tie-ins, how many issues were released as part of the original series before its planned end in 2007? – 106

Image credit: Terry Moore via DeviantArt