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February 2017 - Page 2 of 2 - Random Trivia Generator BlogRandom Trivia Generator Blog | Page 2
Random Trivia Generator Blog

Q: What US city is home to Pike Place Market?

A: Seattle
pub trivia vector wallpaper

The Pub Trivia Round

How much do you know about pubs?

Chances are many of you readers are taking part of trivia nights held in pubs, or just love going to pubs to socialize and mellow out. Pubs are one of my favorite venues to be at so I thought it is only fitting to have a round of questions dedicated to this sanctuary…this watering hole…this birthplace of nations, ideas and fun times…say thanks to the pub owner on your way out next time.

  1. What is “pub” short for? – Public House
  2. Which English Member of Parliament referred to the pub as “the heart of England”? – Samuel Pepys
  3. What special room was used by patrons who did not want to be seen enjoying a pint in the pub? – Snugs
  4. Which floor of the Guinness Storehouse houses the Gravity Bar, where tourists can drink a pint of Guinness? – Seventh floor
  5. Pubs are said to have evolved from what Anglo-Saxon establishment that started to appear in the 5th century? – Alehouses
  6. Under the English 1830 Beer Act, what was the cost of the licence to sell beer and cider from your own home? – 2 guineas
  7. A pub that is required to sell beer primarily from a single brewery is typically referred to as what? – Tied house
  8. The name “gastropub” is derived from what two words? – Gastronomy and pub
  9. Considered to be the oldest pub in the US, what year was the White Horse Tavern of Rhode Island opened in? – 1673
  10. Approximately how much more beer would you get in a pint served in the UK compared to one served in the US? – 95 mL

Tie breaker – Which Irish poet said “There are no strangers here; Only friends you have not yet met.” – William Butler Yeats

Have a great Trivia Tuesday!


The Weekend Edition – 10 More Totally Random Trivia Questions

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Edition of 10 totally random trivia questions, where no theme exists at all. Just enjoy the randomness that is the Random Trivia Generator.

  1. What country is home to the longest street in the world? – Brazil
  2. The detective novel “The Body in the library” was written by which novelist? – Agatha Christie
  3. What English party was politician Arthur Hayday associated with? – Labour Party
  4. The Moho is an extinct genus of birds that were endemic to which island archipelago? – Hawaiian Islands
  5. Swineherd is an outdated term used to refer to a person who raised what kind of animals? – Pigs
  6. What company developed the Xpander graphing calculator but never put it into production? – Hewlett-Packard
  7. Rodney Dangerfield, Phil LaMarr and Randy Quaid starred in which 2005 film? – Back by Midnight
  8. Who was the Phillips screw design named after? – Henry F. Phillips
  9. In “The Wizard of Oz”, what was the lion in search of? – Courage
  10. Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” depicts the courtship of which characters? – Petruchio and Katherina

Have a great weekend!

Q: Who opened the first "cinema" in Paris in 1895?

A: The Lumiere Brothers