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June 2017 Recap – Random Trivia Generator by the numbers

Hello dear readers and fans of the Random Trivia Generator and welcome to another monthly update…is what I would have said if I didn’t miss the last few months. Sorries. The purpose of these posts is to provide a peek behind the curtain and all the action that takes place to bring the tens to thousands of trivia questions to users.

New Questions

This month we added 258 new questions to the main Random Trivia Generator website…in addition to the other 724 added over the past few months I didn’t publish any of these updates. As of this post, we are sitting at 18,488 trivia questions.

I want to thank everyone who sent in questions. I haven’t processed them all, but this month I added more than 70 user-submited questions! There are about another 100 in the queue from this month, which I will get to over the next week.

New Quizzes and Rounds


I have been slacking off on this, but I did publish a quiz commemorating Canada’s 150th birthday.

New Developments

Hosting has been migrated to a new server with more processing power and better connection in the hopes of improving performance. We also added a loading screen to brighten up the white page you would normally get while the site is loading.

Stay tuned for even more questions next month.


Canada Day 150 Trivia Quiz

If Canada is 5 times older than Drake, then how much older is the Hudson’s Bay Company? And much more to celebrate Canada’s 150 this week!

Q: Kurt Vonnegut's brother discovered what commercial use for silver iodide?

A: Rainmaking