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Random Responses #3

I regularly receive e-mails with corrections, some of which are valid, suggestions for alternative answers, ways questions can be misinterpreted and so on. I take each one seriously and I do look into every request. I often have a discussion with users, especially those who are related to people whose names are forever immortalized, and we end up rephrasing questions or sometimes completely eliminating some from the database.

Once in a while, I get such requests submitted as questions. I take these seriously as well, but I cannot have discussions with the users who submitted these because there is no way to contact them back. When you submit a question, this site does not capture any private details, just the question you submit. Therefore, I have decided to publish some responses publicly now in the hopes that the user sees the response. There won’t be many of these posts since these submissions are rare, but here goes it…random response #3.

I received the following from a user (there are no edits):

“question” : “Name an obvious problem with Random Trivia Generator”
“answer” : “No way to submit corrections to the many factually incorrect answers.”

There are actually numerous ways of contacting me and submitting corrections. There is an “About” page which provides an e-mail and links to popular social media sites. E-mail is best and I check them constantly on my phone. I do get notifications from Facebook but not from Twitter. In addition, if you are using the old interface, the e-mail and social media links are right on the main page at the very top. Lastly, there is the blog. You can leave a comment or click on the “Contact” tab at the very top and you will be taken to a form you can complete.

If you are the user who submitted the question above, please contact me via e-mail and I will review the problematic questions. I try to do my best verifying the correctness, but if I am not well versed on a certain topic, things can slip through the cracks.