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Random Trivia Generator Blog

Academy Awards Trivia Round

Get ready for the 2017 Oscars tonight with these trivia questions!


The Weekend Edition – 10 More Totally Random Trivia Questions

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Edition of 10 totally random trivia questions, where no theme exists at all. Just enjoy the randomness that is the Random Trivia Generator.

  1. What country is home to the longest street in the world? – Brazil
  2. The detective novel “The Body in the library” was written by which novelist? – Agatha Christie
  3. What English party was politician Arthur Hayday associated with? – Labour Party
  4. The Moho is an extinct genus of birds that were endemic to which island archipelago? – Hawaiian Islands
  5. Swineherd is an outdated term used to refer to a person who raised what kind of animals? – Pigs
  6. What company developed the Xpander graphing calculator but never put it into production? – Hewlett-Packard
  7. Rodney Dangerfield, Phil LaMarr and Randy Quaid starred in which 2005 film? – Back by Midnight
  8. Who was the Phillips screw design named after? – Henry F. Phillips
  9. In “The Wizard of Oz”, what was the lion in search of? – Courage
  10. Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” depicts the courtship of which characters? – Petruchio and Katherina

Have a great weekend!


Delving into Comic Book Obscurity – Another 10 trivia questions on Strangers in Paradise

Hello and welcome to another round of “Delving into Comic Book Obscurity”. A round where I re-read my favorite not-so-mainstream comic book series and come up with obscure trivia questions. This is a round 2 of the “Strangers in Paradise” series. Check our round 1 before delving into this one.

  1. Who did Katchoo visit when she disappeared in Canada for 2 months? – Emma
  2. What nickname did Katchoo go by when working in L.A. as an escort? – Baby June
  3. Which employee of Mrs. Parker was framed with stealing $850,000 from Senator Chalmers? – Samantha
  4. What is Darcy Parker’s alias? – Darcia
  5. Following a personal tragedy, what name does Yousaka Takahashi adopt? – David Qin
  6. What is the name of Francine’s daughter? – Jenny
  7. What is the name of the advertising company Francine interviews for and gets mocked at in the elevator? – RBK&S
  8. What does Darcy Parker tattoo on the right breast of her lovers? – A rose
  9. What brand of condoms is Francine selected to represent on the first day of her new job? – Command Purpose Condoms
  10. When is Katchoo’s birthday? – November 19

Thank you Terry Moore for creating this series!

Image credit: Terry Moore via DeviantArt

Q: What author created the character of Adam Dalgliesh?

A: P. D. James

New Comics Day Trivia – 11 Questions on “The Creators”

Hello and welcome to another installment of the New Comics Day trivia round. This week the trivia round is on the comic book creators…the writers, the artists, the inkers, the publishers, the people who are overshadowed by their own creations. Why? Because I drove by Joe Shuster Way not too long ago. Enjoy!

  1. Which DC Comics character is Joe Shuster best known for co-creating? – Superman
  2. Who was Joe’s co-creator for this popular DC Comics character? – Jerry Siegel
  3. Comic book writer and artist Jack Kirby, was given what name at birth? – Jacob Kurtzberg
  4. Marvel Comics was acquired by which major media and entertainment company in 2009? – The Walt Disney Company
  5. Alan Moore co-created which antihero that first appeared in an 1985 issue of “The Saga of the Swamp Thing”? – John Constantine
  6. Which producer on the TV show “Lost” co-created the comic book series “Y: The Last Man”? – Brian K. Vaughan
  7. What company publishes “The Walking Dead” comic book series? – Image Comics
  8. What year did Frank Miller publish the comic book series “300”? – 1998
  9. The “Eisner Award” is named after which influential cartoonist and writer? – Will Eisner
  10. Art Spiegelman is best known for his creation of which graphic novel? – Maus

Tie-breaker: In which North American city would you find Joe Shuster Way? – Toronto

Until next round!