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Canadian Thanksgiving – 2019

A short trivia round on Canadian Thanksgiving. A few easy and a few hard questions to stump the family with.

Links fixed

To those who still rely on the old Random Trivia Generator interface – links, tags and a few minor issues have been fixed. There were a number of deprecated extensions and functions that were finally updated and pages should work once again.

Tags are now available again, but only some questions are tagged. More are slowly being tagged.

Many Apologies

Over the last few weeks the site has been plagued by a number of issues ranging from the obvious overlay ads to other behind the scenes issues. These have now been fixed and I would like to apologize to all the users who were inconvenienced by the issues. The overlay ads were especially annoying and I would like to explain that these were not intentional. I wouldn’t use such ads at the expense of user experience.

My sincerest apologies to everyone. This took a bit longer to resolve than anticipated. I have taken steps to try and prevent this from happening again as much as I can in the future.

Thank you for understanding.

Q: Who is the Greek equivalent of the Roman goddess Venus?

A: Aphrodite

Random Responses #2

I regularly receive e-mails with corrections, some of which are valid, suggestions for alternative answers, ways questions can be misinterpreted and so on. I take each one seriously and I do look into every request. I often have a discussion with users, especially those who are related to people whose names are forever immortalized, and we end up rephrasing questions or sometimes completely eliminating some from the database.

Once in a while, I get such requests submitted as questions. I take these seriously as well, but I cannot have discussions with the users who submitted these because there is no way to contact them back. When you submit a question, this site does not capture any private details, just the question you submit. Therefore, I have decided to publish some responses publicly now in the hopes that the user sees the response. There won’t be many of these posts since these submissions are rare, but here goes it…random response #2.

I received the following from a user (there are no edits):

“question” : “You suck”
“answer” : “Because your answere on how many states start with O days 4”

Like with all other submission, I took this one seriously and dug through over 3,000 geography questions. With all the database filtering options I have at my disposal, I was able to narrow down the questions that contain the words “states” and “O” to roughly 100. I read each one and the question pertaining to the states starting with the letter “O” has the correct answer:

“question” : “How many US states begin with the letter “O”?”
“answer” : “Three – Ohio, Oklahoma, and Oregon”

I also found this question:

“question” : “How many US states end with the letter “O”?”
“answer” : “Four”

I believe that the user may have misread the question, because both of these are correct. Or if the database indeed has an incorrect question/answer on this topic, and my filtering completely missed it, please let me know. When you do, please include a screenshot of the card so that I can find the exact question and answer.