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Random Responses

I regularly receive e-mails with corrections, some of which are valid, suggestions for alternative answers, ways questions can be misinterpreted and so on. I take each one seriously and I do look into every request. I often have a discussion with users, especially those who are related to people whose names are forever immortalized, and we end up rephrasing questions or sometimes completely eliminating some from the database.

Once in a while, I get such requests submitted as questions. I take these seriously as well, but I cannot have discussions with those users because there is no way to contact them back. When you submit a question, this site does not capture any private details, just the question you submit. Therefore, I have decided to publish some responses publicly now in the hopes that the user sees the response. There won’t be many of these posts since these submissions are rare, but here goes it…random response #1.

I received the following from a user (there are no edits):

“question” : “? #7 says peacocks do not lay eggs”
“answer” : “You need to correct it. They do lay eggs. “

Unfortunately there is no indication to which question this is referring to. After a bit of digging through the 20,000+ question, I concluded that it refers to the following one:

“question” : “What color eggs do peacocks lay?”
“answer” : “They don’t lay eggs”

The reason why this question will not be changed is because it is meant to be a tricky question. Peacocks do not lay eggs, but peahens do. A peacock is a male peafowl while a peahen is a female peafowl. Males from these species do not lay eggs.

If it makes everyone feel better, I fell for this question years ago so I made it one of the first trivia questions when I created the original database.