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Random Trivia Generator Blog

The Fall – The Season, not The Show

It’s pumpkin question time! Do you remember when Starbucks introduced the infamous pumpkin spice latte? What about these other 9 questions?

old mobile phone

Mobile Phones Trivia Round 1

Did you know that wireless telephony has been around for about 100 years now? Check what else you may not know about old mobile telephony with this trivia round.


The Celebration Round – 18 Random Trivia Questions

Celebrating 18,000+ trivia questions with 18 totally random trivia questions!

car trivia questions

Car Trivia Quiz

By popular demand, and to celebrate the 2017 Canadian Auto Show, here is a 5 round, 55 question trivia quiz on cars!


The Weekend Edition – 10 Totally Random Trivia Questions

Hello and welcome to another round of totally random trivia questions and answers to kick start your day and your early weekend. Like the Random Trivia Generator website, there is no theme, just 10 random questions and answers. Oh, and one last thing – some of these questions are quite difficult.

  1. What 2010 horror novel by Jeff Strand was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award? – Dweller
  2. West Swan is a suburb in which Australian city? – Perth
  3. What sport is Tucker Dupree associated with? – Swimming
  4. The Oshawa Generals is a junior ice hockey team located in what country? – Canada
  5. What country is Dinish Island a part of? – Ireland
  6. On what American network were you able to watch the TV show “The Beatles” from 1965 until 1969? – ABC
  7. Prior to joining the revived “Top Gear” TV series in 2003, what year did James May co-host the original “Top Gear” series? – 1999
  8. In which country would you find the Gruta Canabrava cave? – Brazil
  9. What fast food businessman does Michael Keaton portray in the 2016 film “The Founder”? – Ray Kroc
  10. Which Russian novelist wrote the short story “The Queen of Spades”? – Alexander Pushkin

Enjoy the weekend!