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The Celebration Round – 18 Random Trivia Questions

Celebrating 18,000+ trivia questions with 18 totally random trivia questions!

Trivia Facts on Trivia – Video


I came across this video by Jeremiah Warren while searching for the history of trivia. Though it is fun to read Wikipedia articles and various Internet posts, watching a video is far quicker and easier. Thanks Jeremiah for distilling loads of info into 4 minutes.


Trivia Tuesdays – The Geography Round

Test your geography knowledge this Trivia Tuesday.


Trivia Tuesdays – 10 Random Trivia Questions

Who won the 2017 Oscar for Best Actor? Who developed the game Cities: Skylines? And 8 more unrelated questions this week on RTG!

car trivia questions

Car Trivia Quiz

By popular demand, and to celebrate the 2017 Canadian Auto Show, here is a 5 round, 55 question trivia quiz on cars!