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Toys! Trivia Round 1

Just for fun, here is a round on toys!

  1. What century was the model construction system “Meccano” created by Frank Hornby? – 19th century
  2. Before gaining international popularity with its plastic interlocking bricks, what did Lego make? – Wooden toys
  3. What is the general name of the game, “Pogs” that gained worldwide popularity in the mid 1990s? – Milk caps
  4. What popular toy, that is still widely used today, was invented by Arthur K. Melin in 1958? – The Hula Hoop
  5. What movie franchise action figures did Kenner start producing in the 1970s that led to its success and the popularization of the 3.75 inch action figure? – Star Wars
  6. What decade saw the rapid growth in 3D puzzle popularity, largely driven by the Puzz 3D brand? – 1990’s
  7. What year did Funko introduce “Pop! Vinyl” line of figurines? – 2011
  8. What two letters appear on the heart-shaped tag attached to all Beanie Babies? – Ty
  9. What popular toy brand did McDonald’s start offering as a prize with their Happy Meal in 1983? – Hot Wheels
  10. What was actually the “web” in the first Spider-man wrist web-shooter toy introduced in the 1970s? – String

Bonus: What was Lego’s first licensed product? – Wooden Pluto

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