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Introducing the new Random Trivia Generator

After some time in development (and a lot of holding page teasing), our new look is finally live. Welcome to the new Random Trivia Generator!

What’s New

Everything is new! Except for the tens of thousands of trivia questions which are still here. The new look was designed from the ground up to work seamlessly across all popular device platforms. So if you are using your smartphone to look up trivia questions, you no longer have to squint or zoom in to be able to read the questions.

Not only did we completely update the look, and modernized the platform, but we also added some new user-suggested features, like card view and hidden answers. Don’t worry if you don’t see that feature you really wanted. We are working on lots of new features that will be rolled out in the future.

Take the new Random Trivia Generator out for a spin and enjoy the following new features:

  • Card and List views
  • Tap-to-reveal answers in Card view
  • Customizable random quiz generator
  • Category-specific lists
  • Infinite scrolling (my favorite!)
  • Improved trivia submittal tool

Native Apps

Don’t forget to check out our newly updated native apps for iOS and Android. You get all the features above with a single touch.

Next Steps

The work doesn’t end with this update. We are shifting our focus on developing new features to make trivia nights easier and more enjoyable. But we also haven’t forgotten our #1 priority – trivia questions. While we are working on new features and rolling them out, we will also be adding new trivia questions to the database and to this blog. 

Have any questions, suggestions, or general feedback? Leave a comment below or shoot us an e-mail.


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